Hey! It's me.

Montana girl transplanted in Colorado. Lover of romance and crier at the anniversary dances. Wife and mother of three.

I wasn't always a photographer - I used to brave the hallways as a middle school English teacher (and loved it...middle schoolers are awesome). But as I kept getting asked to do friend's photos, I realized I wanted a creative outlet. So, between moves, I attended Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana for the summer and learned more of the technical ins-and-outs of my camera in 2014. Since then, my family and I have moved three states and added three kids. I worked with wonderful photographers and wedding filmmakers in Washington, Indiana, and Colorado and learned more with each wedding and family photo season.

Some Quick Facts About Me:
  • I love to read and my favorite genre is...you guessed it, romance. Followed quickly by high fantasy.
  • I have lived in every time zone of the contiguous US for at least four years.
  • I love to learn new skills. This last year, I got way too into baking and occasionally, I'll pull out the woodworking gear and make a table or something. Crocheting is up next!
  • We never, ever biked until we moved to Northern Colorado and now our family plans vacations around biking destinations.
  • I used to teach 5th-college English but right now, I run this business while homeschooling and dreaming of joining the "homesteading" movement one day (well...kinda. I am VERY afraid of chickens).

In my natural element - in a warm forest with sandals and shorts on.